2002 - 2008 Chrysler Products Tire Pressure Sensor

New Tire Pressure Sensor / Transmitter
List Price: $163.00
You save $122.53
Part # TPS20028

New Tire Pressure Sensor And Transmitter fits the following vehicles:

Torque =
Chrysler / Dodge 35 in-lbs., 4 N.m.
Isuzu 62 in-lbs., 7 N.m.
Mitsubishi 45-53 in.-lbs., 5-6 N.m.
Some Sensors May Require Use of a Magnet to Activate The Sensor.
Schrader® AirAware™ TPMS sensors meet original-equipment quality and performance standards. TPMS sensors measure tire pressure and transmit this information via radio frequencies to the vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU). Some Schrader TPMS sensors also measure tire temperature.
Chrysler / Dodge / Mopar: 5096 808AA, 4250A225, 5208 8990AC
Isuzu: 8-97327-1-890
Mitsubishi: MN103033
SchraderBridgeport: 20028