R134a AC Refrigerant

R134a Automotive Air Conditioning Refrigerant - 12 Ounce Can - Meets ARI 700 And SAE J2776 Purity Standards - Note! 12 Ounces Is Not 1 Pound!
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Part # R134a-12

R134a Air Conditioning Refrigerant 12 Ounce Can fits the following vehicles:

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TechChoice is HazMat certified.  No Air Shipping on orders containing refrigerant.
TechChoice Parts does not recommend the use of any refrigerants other than pure R12 or pure R134a.  We are not alone; no OEM vehicle manufacturer in the US does either.  If there were a blend refrigerant that consistantly worked with no adverse effects, the OEM manufacturers would be using it.  Blend refrigerants typically consist of mostly R134a refrigerant (to provide the cooling), and a 'carrier' refrigerant, to carry the oil.  One popular blend refrigerant contains 80% R134a, 20% R142b.  The R134a provides the cooling (an undercharged system will cool nicely), and the R142b carries the oil.   ...20% of the charge to carry 100% of the oil.